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How To Save On Back-To-School, Despite Skyrocketing Prices

School’s back! Whether you’re headed back yourself or you have kids who’ve already started their education, it’s time for back to school shopping. Clothing, notebooks, backpacks, calculators… It seems like the shopping list gets longer every year. Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Not only are there more things you “have to” buy, but the […]

How To NOT Move Back In With Your Parents After Graduation

By Emma McGowan Graduation season is fully upon us and my Facebook newsfeed is packed with friends of all ages decked out in those oh-so-universally-flattering graduation gowns. Newly minted 18-year-old “adults” are itching to get out of their parent’s house for the first time, while their 22-year-old counterparts are terrified that they may have to […]

Finally! A Loan Repayment Plan That Won’t Leave You Broke!

By Emma McGowan Student loans are a hot topic right now, both in the national news and in my own personal life as a twenty-something who went to a private liberal arts college. It’s pretty much an accepted fact that the amount of money American students are expected to pay for a college education is […]

A Quick Taxonomy Of Those Tricky Tax Terms

It’s tax time! For those of you with a steady, “normal” job, tax time is relatively simple: plug in your info, send it out, and wait for that nice tax return check to show up in the mail. For a lot of young people, however, tax time is a little more complicated. Filing taxes for […]

3 Steps To Take Toward A Student-Debt Free Life

Time for your obvious statement of the day: College is expensive. When you’re still in school it’s easy to forget just how much debt you’re racking up, but most of us get slammed with the reality stick pretty quickly after graduating. Wait, what? All of those classes I skipped were worth like, three hundred dollars […]

What is the number one cause of angst among students? Money matters.

It has been widely reported that college students get into money troubles, and that this is a leading cause of anxiety, stress, and even failure to complete the education. The Top Five Things That Stress College Students Money Problems Are Leading Cause of College Dropout It’s bad enough that there are many questioning whether college […]