5 Easy Ways To Save Money AND Lose Weight

Sometimes it seems like everyone wants two things that they never get: to lose weight and to save money. Why not combine the two for a double-power packed punch of motivation?

Here are five different ways you can save cash while shedding pounds.

1. Walk or bike to work.

This one is a no-brainer. Working walking or biking into your daily routine saves on gas and is a sure-fire way to stay in shape.

If your work is too far away to walk the whole way or you’re scared of biking in the road (like I am), plan it out so that you can at least go part of the way. Can you park your car about 10 minutes away from your house and walk? Is there a park and ride you can ride your bike to? That gets you exercising every day and you save on gas.

park and ride

2. Cut down on red meat.

The American diet traditionally contains a lot of meat, which is often high in fats or cooked in fats. Protein is important but eating tons of red meat has been linked with both obesity and developing diabetes. Additionally, meat much more expensive than alternative proteins like fish, beans, eggs, and seeds

Consider cutting your meat consumption down to two or three times weekly and you’ll your bank account rise while the pounds drop.

3. Stop eating out!

Guys, for real on this one. The portions in restaurants are always way bigger than necessary, not to mention the fact that they’re packed with fats and salt to make them taste “better.” Make dinner at home and bring the leftovers for lunch the next day, that way you can save on both dinner and lunch.


Check out EatingWell for great suggestions for cheap, healthy meals.

4. Limit the variety of food that you eat.

Rather than buying a bunch of different things during your weekly shopping trip, focus on one or two key ingredients and figure out creative ways to use them throughout the week, so you don’t get bored. This makes it easier to buy in bulk (always cheaper) and you’ll waste less food (also cheaper).

5. Water is the cheapest drink out there.

And it’s great for losing weight. Juices and sodas are packed with sugars that translate directly to extra pounds, while alcoholic drinks give you a massive amount of extra calories that do exactly nothing good for your waistline. Drink water with your meals and throughout the day and you’ll find that you’re not only saving money, you’re also not as hungry.

tap water

If you want to make sure you always have water on you, buy a refillable water bottle. They’re easy to carry around and will help cut down on the temptation to drop a couple dollars at the vending machine or corner store.

What other great weight loss and money saving suggestions do you guys have? Leave them for me in the comments!

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