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4 Simple Steps To Financial Bliss In Your Relationship

Okay, so last week I promised that we’d tackle the issue of different spending styles within a couple and I’m ready to jump right into it with you. If you and your honey are having a hard time seeing eye to eye on where your cash should be flowing, keep reading for a fun and […]

How To Keep Money From Breaking Up Your Relationship

By Emma McGowan Who wants to talk about money? If you’re here, I’m guessing that you definitely do but does your significant other? If that’s not a question you’ve already put to your sweetie, I’m here to give you a heads up: You have a new task at the top of your to-do list. Talking […]

What Can You Do To Make Sure Your Wedding Doesn’t Cost 20 Grand?

By Emma McGowan It’s mid-summer and you know what that means: Wedding season is in full swing. It seems like everywhere I turn there are bachelorette parties parading around, people smooching in front of elaborate floral arrangements, and hideous bridesmaid’s outfits. While I myself am not yet at the point where I’m ready to tie […]