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How The Past 5 Things You Bought Can Help Your Financial Future

By Emma McGowan One of my favorite personal finance blogs is BudgetsAre$exy. The author, J., has a fun tone that’s a little bit like reading your genius ADD best friend’s thoughts spewed out all at once. I say ADD because his thoughts sometimes seem random but, in fact, he’s usually right on the money. (See […]

How To NOT Move Back In With Your Parents After Graduation

By Emma McGowan Graduation season is fully upon us and my Facebook newsfeed is packed with friends of all ages decked out in those oh-so-universally-flattering graduation gowns. Newly minted 18-year-old “adults” are itching to get out of their parent’s house for the first time, while their 22-year-old counterparts are terrified that they may have to […]

How To Save Over $500 On Your Next Vacation

By Emma McGowan I’ve written before about saving money when traveling (check out my getting there, where to stay, and what to do articles), so you guys already know that travel is an area of life where I’m always looking to save some cash. Truth moment: I love seeing the world but I hate, hate, […]

Finally! A Loan Repayment Plan That Won’t Leave You Broke!

By Emma McGowan Student loans are a hot topic right now, both in the national news and in my own personal life as a twenty-something who went to a private liberal arts college. It’s pretty much an accepted fact that the amount of money American students are expected to pay for a college education is […]

How To Order A Credit Report Without Losing Your Identity

By Emma McGowan Okay, so here’s the main thing I’ve discovered in this credit report adventure: Everyone is trying to trick you out of your money or commit identity theft. Alright, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not totally paranoid. Here’s what I’ve found out: When should I order a credit […]

The Best Cheap Mother’s Day Present Out There

By Emma McGowan For Mother’s Day one year, my little brother sent my mom two cards. One was your standard “I love you Mom” kind of thing but the other was a promise. He’d dropped out of college a couple years before to get his startup going and that year was the year he would […]

A Scary Brush With Credit Card Fraud

By Emma McGowan So I know I said we’d be talking about credit reports this week and don’t worry because I’ll definitely get to that. (Stay tuned!) I just wanted to share something that’s actually very related that I’ve just come across in my own personal finance life for the first time ever: potential credit […]