Monthly Archives: April 2013

I’m Too Scared To Check My Credit Report

By Emma McGowan Personal finance blogger confession time: I’ve never ordered a credit report. I can throw up a million reasons why it isn’t that bad (I’m young, I’m stay on top of my loans and my credit card, I don’t spend outside my means, blah blah blah) but the truth of the matter is… […]

3 Simple Ways To Keep Track Of Your Cash

By Emma McGowan A friend of mine was packing for a trip last night when all of a sudden I heard, “Oh! Awesome! I just found two grand I didn’t know I had!” yelled from the other room. My first reaction was I’m never buying another bottle of wine for us to share ever, ever […]

Emma’s Pick Of The Week: MakinSense Babe

With a sharp design and a sharper tongue, MakinSense Babe is a hilarious combination of financial news, funny videos, and excellent how-tos. The author has 13 years of experience working in the financial sector and this blog is clearly her way to blow off steam because, in her words, “finance people are annoying.” With categories […]

5 Simple Tricks To Eat Better And Pay Less

By Emma McGowan Lately I’ve found myself at the cash register in the grocery store starting at the total and thinking, “How did THAT happen?” way more often than I’d like. The other day, after a particularly rough grocery run, I decided that it’s time to put an end to that nonsense. After a little […]

“Three Unexpected Places To Save Money”

I’m always on the lookout for day to day ways to pinch a penny (check out this post about how my cheapness shows itself in cafes) so I was pumped to see this post from Everything Finance about some ways to save money that you’ve probably never even heard of. Bonus? They’ll all make you […]

Tax Day Means Free Stuff!

As we’ve previously discussed, I’m not a huge fan of doing my taxes, despite the fact that I like functioning school systems and highways that aren’t crumbling to pieces. I kind of thought that was the case across the board, but a new Pew Study seems to prove me wrong. Apparently 29% of Americans actually […]

Lifehacker: The MythBusters of Credit Scores

Credit scores are one of those things that, over various points in my life, I’ve convinced myself that it just doesn’t exist if I ignore it. Unfortunately, living in a fantasy world can have serious, serious consequences on what goes on in your real world. It’s time for all of us to stop acting like […]