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Travel On The Cheap, Part 3: What Am I Doing??

Last week I gave you all some pointers on how to sleep for cheap when you’re traveling and the week before we talked about the best way to get where you’re going without blowing your whole budget. Now we’re at the fun part: The trip itself. How can you get the most out of your […]

Museum of Modern Betas covers RedMica

Museum of Modern beta is an site that lists interesting, new and upcoming product betas.  It has been around since at least 2004 and has showcased many companies very early on that have gone on to become famous house hold names: Angry Birds, Flipboard, FourSquare, Dropbox, to name a few. RedMica was recently featured on […]

Interesting article with some great advice

This is good advice (and well-presented), whether or not you are a Buffett fan. “10 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett” Source: Best Finance Schools

Travel On The Cheap, Part 2: Where To Sleep?

Where you lay your head can make all the difference between an amazing experience and wanting to run to the airport and beg the attendants to let you on the next flight home. The thing is, you don’t have to spend big bucks to sleep in style.   Accommodations from free to… Less free. On […]

Travel On The Cheap, Part 1: Getting There

When you’re just getting on your financial feet, it can sometimes feel like all you do is work without any breaks. Who can even think about a taking a vacation when there are bills to pay, new clothes to buy, friends peer pressuring you into trying out that fancy new cocktail place? It’s all too […]

Want To Save Money Without Giving Up The Good Life? Here’s How

Ever tried to go on a diet and then found yourself one day gorging on a giant hamburger with super-sized fries and a Coke as big as your head? In the space of one 15 minute pig-out session your weeks of hard work are disappearing just as fast as you can slurp up that soft […]