Monthly Archives: February 2013

3 Steps To Take Toward A Student-Debt Free Life

Time for your obvious statement of the day: College is expensive. When you’re still in school it’s easy to forget just how much debt you’re racking up, but most of us get slammed with the reality stick pretty quickly after graduating. Wait, what? All of those classes I skipped were worth like, three hundred dollars […]

Sorry, Peter Pan, But Retirement Is A Reality

I’m 25 and live on a freelance writer’s income, so I totally understand the belief that retirement is the absolute last financial issue you have to think about at the moment. You’ve got rent, student loans, bar tabs… All things that are much, much more important than something that won’t happen for another 40 years, […]

How Not To Break The Bank Next Valentine’s Day

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and all of those things you had to do – because romantic comedies convinced your girlfriend that this one day a year had to fit a certain image of perfect – have left your bank account looking pretty… Dismal. The dinner, the card, the flowers, the gift; that stuff […]

Mix-ins in Javascript Backbone Views using Underscore

Summary If you need to reuse code between two views that cannot make each other references use mixin approach outlined here to get reuse. The Problem We some time need code that is defined in one view in another view.  Classic example is that mainview.js knows how to show and hide different parts of the sub view […]